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Service Tech Certification

Technicians complete approximately one day of the coursework online and then attend a two day intensive hands on session at one of BUNN’s training centers.

The online portion can be completed at the technician’s own pace keeping in mind the online evaluation must be passed prior to requesting a seat in one of our hands on sessions.

To get started, click the link here to go to the home page of the BUNN Online Learning Center (BOLC). Once there, create a personal user name and password. Once your personal user account has been created, go to the menu bar and place your cursor over Resources, and choose ‘Commercial Equipment’. In the Course Categories List click on ‘Associate Course’ under Certification Courses, following the step by step instructions listed there.

The BUNN Associates phase 2 portion of the class is not being conducted at this time. Please check back later for an updated in person schedule. If you have questions contact BUNN’s Training Administrator by emailing amy.esela@bunn.com.

If you would like to download a PDF version of the schedule please click the link below.


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