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G-Series Grinder
Sleek bulk grinder with precise grind resolution dial
Meet the G-Series Family
The G-Series grinders are designed for the modern coffee aisle. Sleek curves and a stainless steel finish look right at home in upscale environments, while offering users a precise grinding experience that feels unique.
Dial-in Precise Grinds
Users have 340° of grind resolution on the “no-click” selection dial, giving them complete freedom when dialing-in their ideal grind particle size. Two decals are available for the dial cover: a particle size decal for upscale cafe and grocery settings, and an icon-based decal for standard grocery store settings.
Grind Into Nearly any Container
A newly-designed bag clamp accommodates different bag sizes, cans, funnels, cups, and more. The ergonomic design firmly grips the container, allowing users to operate the G-Series with both hands.
Efficient Operation
The G-Series grinds 40% faster compared to similarly-priced competitors, tackling a pound of coffee grounds in about 30 seconds.

G Series Models

G Series Grinders offer versatile hopper options to meet the needs of your unique retail environment. These tinted and incredibly durable hoppers are available in 1lb, 2lb, and 3lb versions.

GVH-1 Grinders

GVH-2 Grinder

GVH-3 Grinder

Model variants & specs

G Series Models

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