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Cold Brew Mode
on Infusion Series® Platinum Edition®
Brew a Batch of Cold Brew in Minutes!
Produce fresh cold brew in minutes with the Infusion Series Platinum Edition’s new Cold Brew mode, enabling operators to brew an on-demand batch of concentrate or ready-to-drink cold brew quickly and consistently with operational ease.Utilizing BUNN’s SmartWAVE ® brewing technology, pulse brew, and a new range of low brewing temperatures, consumers will be delighted to taste the nuanced flavors of the coffee for an elevated cold brew experience.
Cold Brew Coffee Video
Cold brew coffee saves time


  • Brew a batch of fresh, on-demand concentrate or finished strength cold brew in minutes.*
  • Easily incorporate brewing into daily tasks, reduce planning time for store managers and shift leaders, and reduce the chance of waste at the end of the day
  • Visually Intuitive Programming on Infusion Series Platinum Edition gives the operator full control to expertly dial in a recipe that produces quality cold brew with speed and consistency from batch to batch
Less waste and work with cold brew coffee


  • Brew Fresh On-Demand Batches of Cold Brew Coffee
  • Use less coffee when brewing finished strength cold brew
Expand your menu with cold brew coffee


  • Unlock capacity and increase profits by offering multiple high-margin cold brew items on the menu
Cold Brew Coffee Experience


  • Lower range brewing temperature and SmartWAVE® technology combined with pulse brew allow for strength and flavor profiling for a smooth, nuanced cold brew beverage
*Based on internal testing
How it Works
A simple software upgrade converts existing Infusion Series Platinum Edition Models to a dedicated Cold Brew machine. The Cold Brew mode will be included as a standard feature on future Infusion Series Platinum Edition models.
Your Cold Coffee Partner
BUNN has a complete portfolio of equipment solutions for brewing and dispensing Cold Coffee beverages, which consists of Iced Coffee, Cold Brew and Frozen Coffee beverages. From fresh-brewed tailored recipes by the batch or the cup to cold brew concentrate dispensers and frozen beverage dispensers- BUNN has you covered for your Cold Coffee menu needs.
Learn more about BUNN's Cold Coffee Solutions

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