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Coffee Excellence Consumers Crave

Premia is a high-performance brewer that automatically grinds, brews and manages freshness for optimal coffee availability during peak times while reducing waste during slower dayparts.

This next evolution of equipment delivers hot and iced coffee with a drip-style flavor profile, no crema, excellent cup clarity and instant dispense for fast speed of service for your customers.

Automated Daypart Management

Automatically grinds, brews and manages freshness for optimal coffee availability during peak times while reducing waste during slower dayparts.

The intelligent reservoir management system schedules brewing to maintain the set fill levels in the internal Soft Heat reservoir. The system automatically monitors freshness and drains expired coffee and brews to refill the reservoir, so coffee is available for instant dispense during peak demand hours.

Achieve ultimate flexibility and control of your coffee program with five options for different fill levels and a brew-on-demand option to limit overproduction and waste during slower dayparts. Premia always serves the same cup profile no matter what daypart!

Superior Customer Experience - Fast Speed Of Service

With Premia, fresh coffee is immediately available and ready. Customers can fill most large cups in approximately 10 seconds without having to wait for grinding and brewing.

An intuitive touchscreen push and hold dispense for a fast dispense. Consumers can customize individual beverages with ability to mix and match coffee varieties and determine desired cup fill levels to leave room for other beverage ingredients.

The short interaction time in front of the machine reduces lines and wait times which is especially critical during busy dayparts, ensuring satisfied customers are quickly on their way to their next destination.

Coffee Excellence

Freshly brewed from whole beans, Premia produces a drip-style flavor profile with no crema and excellent cup clarity, perfect for hot and iced coffees.

The reservoirs are equipped with Soft Heat® technology that thermostatically controls and automatically shuts off heat once the preset temperature is reached, ensuring ideal holding temperatures and optimal flavor.

From our exclusive brewing method for premium drip-style coffee to the three bean selections and options for iced and hot coffee, Premia offers an expanded selection of customizable high-quality individual beverages.

Reduced Demand for Staff Labor

Premia reduces the number of operator touches per day with several compelling features: an automated system that manages fill levels and freshness, large capacity 3lb bean hoppers for prolonged refill times, under counter through-chute for direct spent grounds disposal, and a semi-automated cleaning process along with Picture Prompted Cleaning™ that allows operators to complete additional tasks while the brewer cycles through end-of-day cleaning process.

Professionally Managed Solution

Equipment + Digital + Service

BUNN provides operators a holistic, professionally managed solution for sophisticated technologies like Premia by bundling our full portfolio of Equipment, BUNNdigital and BUNNserve for comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of the equipment.


Partnering in your vision!  (learn more)

By utilizing BUNNdigital, our customers are provided with the tools and support to streamline service and maintenance, optimize data transfer and collection, and integrate with enterprise applications, enabling businesses to utilize data as they see fit.

Premia is equipped with:

An IOT machine management platform that provides a secure mechanism to remotely monitor and communicate with connected equipment. Enables data-backed business decisions and allows the deployment of a customized user interface. (learn more)

BUNN SupportHub - Coming Soon!
Streamline the operator experience by reducing training time and improving employee knowledge of equipment through a scannable QR code on the machine.

BUNNServe® Pro

Managed Service for Lifecycle of the Equipment

Rely on BUNNserve Pro to help you execute full-coverage, professional service for your Premia equipment. We offer comprehensive and customizable service packages to cover the lifecyle of the equipment from installations, rollouts, preventative maintenance, reactive maintenance and more.

BUNNserve Pro offers:

Protection BASIC
Go beyond your BUNN equipment warranty with Protection BASIC. Flat rates for Installation, Removal and Preventative Maintenance. Reactive Service available at cost of time and materials.^ (learn more)
^Talk to your BUNN Sales Representative for specific pricing quotes.

Protection PLUS
Protection PLUS is an equipment and service bundle available at the time of a new order which covers all warranty and non-warranty service calls for 2 years from the date of equipment purchase or from the date of installation.* (learn more)
*Excluding damage caused by improper handling and abuse by the customer. Accessories not included.

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