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As data becomes both more voluminous and business-critical, companies need data management solutions that can fill a broad range of objectives. By utilizing BUNNdigital, our customers are provided with the tools and support to streamline service and maintenance, optimize data transfer and collection, and integrate with enterprise applications, enabling businesses to utilize data as they see fit.

BUNNdigital combines equipment and service with systems and applications to enable customers with increased efficiencies in labor, maintenance, and service - all while reducing waste.


BUNN SupportHub

Streamline the operator experience by empowering customers and improving employee knowledge of equipment with BUNN SupportHub. This solution offers a scannable QR code where your staff can gain direct, uncomplicated access to training and troubleshooting information.

Multiple options of services are available with BUNN SupportHub that are all effective in providing the best experience for the operator, the owner, and technician. BUNN SupportHub allows our customers access to virtual – video-based assistance, chat with a BUNN technical advisor, and submit a service request for repair.

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Optimize your digital management workflow with BUNNlink to help consolidate processes, enhance security, and improve profitability. BUNNlink is a machine management platform that provides a secure mechanism to remotely communicate and collect data on equipment. Have the peace of mind knowing that your data is protected along with the ability to manage and report remotely.

BUNNlink Features Include:

Data-Backed Decisions
  • Dashboards
    Access information 24/7 with our custom web-based portal. The built-in dashboards provide the most critical information in tracking machine performance.
  • Customer Alerts Reporting
    Alert key personnel through Text/Email notification on critical or pending actions needed for machine sustainment.
  • Reports
    Provide on-demand or scheduled recurring reports to multiple users. With pre-canned options included, BUNNlink produces tailored reports for operations teams, service teams, and executive teams.
  • Service Data
    With remote access to valuable information about a machine’s operations and sensor data, BUNNlink delivers a more effective and efficient approach to managing PM’s and Service visits.
Fleet Support
  • Fleet Support
    BUNNlink provides the essential tools to manage a fleet of equipment. Combine and customize reports for fleets with a single action and utilize the ability of dashboards to provide overview analysis reports of the entire operation.
  • Customization
    Customize and deploy digital media to equipment remotely. Utilize the various built-in tools to create a clone or implement custom machine operations, settings, and software.

Using a personal smartphone, the BUNN VirtualTOUCH® system allows for convenient selection and dispensing of a beverage without the need to physically interact with the machine.



In today's business world, merging effective IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operations Technology) architecture equips companies for success in the most dynamic, flexible, and efficient ways. With BUNNintegrate, we provide companies with a clear data input solution to synchronize with, in real-time, in-house data analytics systems along with the tools to perform critical and timely analysis.

The BUNN Enterprise Integration System is a comprehensive platform that facilitates the development of robust integrations with in-house enterprise systems such as Kitchen Management Systems, Alerting and Communications Systems, Task Management Systems, and more. BUNNintegrate enables IT and OT to connect for business advancement, allowing our customers to view processes, information, applications, and technologies from the most valuable perspectives.

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