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Infusion Series
Platinum Edition® Models

Meet The Platinum Edition®

This edition of brewers introduces a touchscreen for an enhanced operation experience, allowing users to customize recipes with Visually Intuitive Programming™. The powerful duo of a BUNN-exclusive Peak Extraction™ Sprayhead coupled with SmartWAVE® technology delivers increased turbulence in the coffee bed during brewing, unrivaled uniformity of extraction, and complexity in the finished beverage.

Unrivaled Uniformity of Extraction

Directional spray streams provide complete coverage of the coffee bed within the brew basket, ensuring even extraction of coffee grounds. Complete coverage of the brew basket ensures even extraction of coffee grounds.

Platinum Edition models are also equipped with SmartWAVE® a timed air purge at the end of the brew cycle, removing residual water from the sprayhead. This reduces lime build up and ultimately extends the life of the equipment.

New Cold Brew Mode

Our exclusive Cold Brew mode converts Infusion Series Platinum Edition models to a dedicated Cold Brew machine, allowing operators to fine-tune a coffee's nuanced flavors and brew batches on-demand, quickly and consistently.

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USB Recipe Programming

The Infusion Series allows for simple programming on-unit and via USB, allowing up to three batch sizes and giving you ultimate control and consistency when dialing in recipes.

Operator Friendly

SplashGard® brew baskets direct hot liquid contents away from the operator’s hands, and the Funnel Lock protects the operator from removing the brew basket during programmed coffee and drip out cycles. A better positioned fast-flow water faucet allows for greater cup clearance.

Modernized Design Language

Rounded edges and contrasting stainless steel and black colors create a distinctive front-of-house look. This design language carries across the entire platform and coordinates with newer server and grinder models.

BUNNlink® Capability

BUNNlink is an IoT machine management platform built by BUNN to provide a secure mechanism to remotely monitor and communicate with connected equipment. BUNNlink enables data backed business decisions and allows the deployment of a customized user interface.

Model variants & specs

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U.S. Market

Coffee & Tea Combination
Soft Heat®

Canada Market

Coffee & Tea Combination
Soft Heat®

EMEA Market


LATAM Market

Coffee & Tea Combination
Soft Heat®

ASP Market

Soft Heat®

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