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Exceptional, stable milk foam and espresso shot quality
Meet The Black&White® Family
Exceptional espresso, intuitive touchscreen interface, and options to expand your espresso offerings into lattes, cocoa, and other flavors.
Operator Friendly
Both your crew and your customers will love the intuitive touchscreen interface to easily select their favorite beverages and options. And when it’s time to clean, the large touchscreen guides your operators through daily and periodic cleaning with on-screen prompts.
Easy-to-use programmable operation creates a specialty drink at the touch of a button.
Modular Design
The sleek line of Black&White models range from medium-volume specialty-beverage machines and high-volume superautomatics, featuring Black&White’s exceptional espresso and unmatched hot and cold milk and foam quality, to high-performance attended-serve models for hand-crafting your customers beverages.

Black&White Family Models


These are true steam machines, with powerful steam wands enabling your barista to perfectly craft milk for your customers’ specialty beverages. Both Black&White3 CTS and CTMS offer perfect espresso with two large 3.3lb (1.5kg) bean hoppers. The Black&White CTMS superautomatic also produces optimal hot or cold milk/foam (with 1.3 gallon/5L milk refrigerator) for fully-automated beverage production.


Expand your beverage program beyond lattes and cappuccinos with profitable specialty beverages. Both machines feature a 4.4lb chocolate powder hopper for hot chocolate and mochas, two 2.2lb (1kg) bean hoppers, and a convenient 1 gallon (4L) on-unit milk refrigerator for long periods of consistent operation expertly crafting your beverages with perfect espresso and Black&White acclaimed hot and cold milk/foam. The BW4c CTM P-F-RS additionally holds up to four syrup flavors to effortlessly create café favorites, such as flavored mochas and seasonal beverage offerings.


Two perfect machines for demanding self-serve environments - the Black&White 3 CTM and CTMC feature high-volume fully-automatic beverage production. Two large 3.3lb (1.5kg) espresso bean hoppers and a 1.3 gallon (5L) milk refrigerator produce perfect espresso and acclaimed Black&White hot and cold milk/foam for your customers favorite drinks. The Black&White 3 CTMC additionally features a 4.4lb (2kg) chocolate powder hopper for hot chocolate and mochas.

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