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Cold Coffee Solutions

Cold Draft and Iced Coffee
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What is Cold Coffee Exactly?

Cold Brew (smooth-tasting coffee brewed at low temperatures) and Iced Coffee (hot brewed coffee that is immediately chilled) continue to be year-round favorites for coffee drinkers, steadily growing in popularity across every age group. Collectively, these chilled coffee drinks are known as "Cold Coffee", and unlocking their potential requires attention to the details.

Complete Portfolio of Cold Coffee Solutions

BUNN has a complete portfolio of equipment solutions for brewing and dispensing Cold Coffee beverages, which consists of Iced Coffee and Cold Brew products. Our Nitron Cold Draft is a cold brew concentrate dispenser solution that is ideal for C-Stores, QSRs, Cafes, Colleges, and Offices. Our Infusion Series brewers can achieve comparable flavor profiles to others in the market with fresh-brewed Iced Coffees, and are ideal for the same customer base, as well as Specialty Roasters, Hospitality, and Restaurant channels.

Profitability Through Expertise

BUNNʼs fresh-brew solutions were developed through years of brewing expertise and research. These solutions provide shorter paybacks for operators, anywhere from several weeks to a couple months, allowing operators to generate profits right away.

Your Cold Coffee Partner

There are a lot of equipment solutions out there boasting quick-fix cold coffee solutions. However, integrating cold coffee into an operation and ensuring a positive ROI requires not only the right equipment, but a deeper level of consultation. Let BUNN experts walk you through cold coffee basics and help get you the best value for your investment.

The Cold Coffee Solutions

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    Flash Chill

    A popular brewing method for smaller batches of iced coffee, Flash Chill involves brewing a hot coffee concentrate over ice, which instantly stops the brewing process as the melted ice becomes the dilution water. This method is ideal when paired with our Infusion Standard and Platinum systems and results in an aromatic, flavorful, crisp cup.
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    Concentrate Dilution

    Another batch-friendly method for iced coffee is brewing concentrate directly into a dispenser using the automatic-dilution setting in our ITCB and IC3 brewers, which adds pre-measured ambient water. This yields several gallons of finished beverage.
  • Bag_in_box


    For iced coffee and cold brew beverages, bag-in-box (BIB) concentrates can be the solution for authentic flavor without the need for a process that takes several hours or involves large equipment. Pre-packaged solutions are perfect for high-volume service environments that require little to no downtimes. Dispense pre-packaged concentrates through our Nitron Cold Draft dispenser, which is perfect for high-volume service environments that require little to no downtimes.

Cold Coffee Beverage Types

Iced coffee beverages

Iced Coffee

Any of our Infusion Series brewers can utilize the Flash Chill method to create iced coffee. For larger batches that require concentrate dilution we recommend the ITCB or IC3 brewer.

Infusion Series: IC3, ITCB

cold draft coffee beverage

Cold Draft

Rich, velvety cold brew and iced coffee beverages without need for milk or cream are possible with Nitron® Cold Draft dispenser. The keg-free design removes the need to manage kegs while yielding multiple gallons of finished drinks.


frozen coffee beverages

Frozen Coffee Beverages

Delicious, frozen iced coffees, mochas, and cappuccinos are the perfect addition to any beverage menu. Our Ultra® system utilizes reverse auger technology to achieve a consistent freeze all day long.


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