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High Performance Water Filtration Solutions


Ideal for drip coffee and tea in foodservice applications. Brew consistent, high quality, great-tasting coffee and tea with filtration designed to extend the life of your equipment while reducing maintenance and service costs.


  • Certified to NSF Standard 42 for reduction of Chlorine Taste and Odor
  • Save on maintenance and service costs with (1) dedicated scale inhibition cartridge that reduces scale build-up on evaporator plates and heating coils in both ice machines and coffee brewers
  • Consists of (3) premium activated carbon cartridges rated up to 20,000 gallons each to reduce chlorine taste and odor for consistent, great tasting cold beverages, hot beverages, and ice
  • Graded density filtration media protects downstream equipment and reduces sediment particles that can cause beverages and ice to be cloudy and unappealing
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