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G9WD-RH, CE Stainless Steel ME
G9WD-RH, CE Stainless Steel ME
G9WD-RH, CE Stainless Steel ME

G9WD-RH, CE Stainless Steel ME

Weight Driven Coffee Grinder with Single Hopper CE / ME

Dimensions: H 29.8" W 8.1" D 20.0"

Fresh ground coffee delivers the message to customers that they are getting quality in their cup. The BUNN G9-WD (Weight Driven) Grinder delivers precision portions quickly. Weight driven technology provides unparalleled accuracy to ensure coffee throw weight consistency. When paired with a BUNN BrewWISE brewer, the MHG provides error free operation, communicating the ground batch size directly to the brewer. The operator installs the brew funnel from the grinder into the brewer and presses the brew button – the BrewWISE technology does the rest. Simple. Easy. Fast.


  • During grinding, the coffee type and selected batch size is communicated to the Smart Funnel
  • A BrewWISE brewer will read the information in the Smart Funnel, adjust the brew batch size accordingly, and brew the ideal batch of coffee
  • LCD alphanumeric display shows status, programming parameters and diagnostics
  • Works with all types of brewers (both BrewWise and non-BrewWISE), from 12 cup brewers to satellite/systems brewers
  • Precision grinding burrs consistently deliver the specified quality grind, and have a four year warranty
  • USB port for easy programming
  • The G9WD can also function as a time-based grinder should need arise
  • Weight driven technology delivers unparalleled accuracy in portion controlled coffee grinding, with three programmable batch sizes
  • Easy-to-use front-loading bean hoppers allow quick access for bean replenishment and cleaning
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Spec Sheet
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Installation and Operating
Brewer Type
Cord Attached
Plug Type
UK 13A
Number of Hoppers
Hopper Capacity
Electrical Configuration
220-240 volts 920 watts 6.5 amps 1 phase 50-60 hertz 2 wire
Brewer to Grinder Interface
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Dispense Type
Product Warranty
Machine Height
Machine Width
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