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Iced Coffee

Introducing a touchless beverage dispensing experience from BUNN. Now your customers can conveniently select and dispense a beverage simply by scanning a QR code.

  • Powered by BUNNlink®, cloud-based solution
  • Fully automated touchless coffee experience via smartphone
  • Access to full beverage menu
  • Intuitive step-by-step instructions
  • Reduce shared contact points
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Cold Brew and Cold Draft
Anti-Microbial Film

These films cover your common contact points and allow your equipment to function normally without leaving a sticky residue when replaced.

  • Available in full sheets or pre-cut sizes
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Frozen Coffee

Equipment that relies on handles can now be a reliable way to dispense beverages while ensuring clean contact. Tap-Kins are biodegradable and recyclable sleeves that users can easily take from a dispenser, slide over any handle, and discard without any direct surface contact.

  • Dispenser and sleeves sold separately
  • Sleeves are sold by the case; 300 sleeves per roll and 10 rolls per case
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Cold Brew and Cold Draft
Faucet Adapters

Your existing equipment and servers can be part of a clean contact beverage program. Stainless-steel faucet adapters attach to BUNN Soft Heat®, ThermoFresh®, and tea dispensers, allowing for easy cup-push service.

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Frozen Coffee
Push-Style Faucets

BUNN servers, new or old, can be outfi tted with push-style faucets that emphasize clean contact. These faucets are easy to install and require little effort to dispense.

Cold Brew and Cold Draft
Anti-Microbial Parts

Clean contact beverage solutions are available for equipment you already own. BUNN offers anti-microbial replacement parts for high-frequency contact points such as faucets, handles, and dispense membrane switches. Anti-microbial film can be applied to touchscreens, touch switches, membrane switches, and handles.

  • Anti-microbial faucets, handles, and films can easily be self-installed
  • Anti-microbial membrane switches will require technician installation


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