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With offices reopening, there is an increase in bean-to-cup brewers in the workplace: Since January 2020, there has been over a 5% growth in bean-to-cup brewers in offices. This is an overall indication of employers taking precautions to minimize contact among employees with common surfaces.

Source: National Coffee Association 2021 Drinking Trends Report

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Recommended equipment for U.S. market

39900.0020 SmartWAVE® LP
38700.0010 AXIOM® DV
38700.0011 AXIOM® Thermal
12950.0213 CWTF 3
23001.0017 CWTF APS
12950.0360 CWTF-TC
23050.0010 GPR Single
53100.0100 Infusion Series® ICB
51600.0022 Nitron RDG
51600.0011 Nitron All-Nitro
44300.0201 Crescendo®
44400.0100 Sure Immersion™
20580.0001 LPG Low Profile Grinder
45800.0000 BUNN refresh® Countertop

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