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Lodging & Hospitality Beverage Equipment

Lodging & Hospitality

Nearly 90% of all Lodging restaurant checks include a beverage. For the business of Lodging and Hospitality, it's important to have equipment capable of meeting the self-serve needs of the morning breakfast line, as well as equipment that can serve an entire banquet. This set of recommended equipment covers every beverage type, is ideal for the Lodging and Hospitality channel and addresses customer demand as well as operator profitability.

* NPD Crest YE’ November 2017

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Recommended equipment for U.S. market

39900.0020 SmartWAVE® LP
38700.0010 AXIOM® DV
38700.0011 AXIOM® Thermal
12950.0213 CWTF 3
23001.0017 CWTF APS
12950.0360 CWTF-TC
23050.0010 GPR Single
53100.0100 Infusion Series® ICB
53200.0100 Infusion Series® Twin ICB
51100.0100 Infusion Series® SH
51200.0100 Infusion Series® Twin SH
39300.0000 Titan®
44300.0201 Crescendo®
44400.0100 Sure Immersion™
33700.0000 G9 Portion Control Grinder
36400.0000 FPG-2 French Press Grinder
35600.0020 MHG Multi Hopper Grinder
40700.0001 G9 Weight Driven Grinder
36900.0000 iMIX-3
37000.0000 iMIX-5
43800.0102 iMIX-14
51600.0022 Nitron RDG
51600.0011 Nitron All-Nitro
34000.0013 Ultra-2
45300.0006 H3X Element
43600.0010 H5X Element
39100.0000 H5E PC
45800.0000 BUNN refresh® Countertop
45900.0100 BUNN refresh® Tower


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