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Kit, Primary Nitrogen Regulator

Kit, Primary Nitrogen Regulator

Kit, Primary Nitrogen Regulator


The primary Nitrogen Regulator Kit is designed for locations that have limited space but still require a Nitrogen pressure regulator for their NITRON Cold Draft dispenser. The regulator is assembled to be installed directly onto a high-pressure Nitrogen cylinder and to connect the regulator to the dispenser.


  • 2" easy-to-read gauges indicate pressures going to the dispenser and how much nitrogen is left in your cylinder
  • CGA580 Nitrogen fitting with inlet connection nut connects the regulator to the cylinder valve and is designed to work without washers
  • Nitrogen spring-loaded pressure relief valve prevents over- pressurization of the regulator
  • Includes one (1) double gauge primary Nitrogen regulator with a 6 foot gas line assembly and a 1/4" female flare fitting (washer included) located at the end of the gas line for connecting the regulator to the machine
  • T-handle on regulator body for ease of pressure adjustment to the dispenser
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