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C300 Espresso System

C300 Espresso System

Espresso Water Filtration System


Quality beverages begin with quality water


  • Variable Bypass Head
  • Designed specifically for espresso applications
  • C300 provides 1057gal (4001L) of hardness reduction @10GPG (grains per gallon)
  • C300 provides 1057gal (4001L) of hardness reduction @10GPG (grains per gallon)
  • 100% treatment of the water including the bypass to reduce taste and odor
  • Includes water test kit
  • System maximum operating pressure is 125psi (862kPa) and operating temprature 100 degrees F (38C)
  • Specialized blend of resin targeted to reduce hardness and alkalinity
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Residential Users: Warranty is void if commercial equipment is used for residential or non-commercial use.

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