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JDF-2S Touchless w/ Water Kit

JDF-2S Touchless w/ Water Kit

Dimensions: H 3.06" W 10.0" D 6.73"

How it works:

  • Place your cup under the desired beverage dispense nozzle
  • Then, simply place hand or fingers in front of the sensor corresponding to the beverage selection
  • While hand is placed in front of the sensor, the blue LED will flash several times (to confirm the selection)
  • The LED will then light solid blue and the dispense will initiate. The dispense will continue if the hand remains in front of the sensor
  • Removing hand from the sensor will stop the dispense; however, the LED will remain on for a few seconds. This allows for additional dispensing if “topping off” the cup is desired
  • Once the LED turns off, the next dispense will require the flashing sequence again before initiating dispense


  • No need to purchase new dispenser – kit retrofits to current dispensers
  • ADA Compatible
  • Provides the safety and confidence your customers demand
  • Simple installation (very similar to installing our ADA compatible kits)
  • Simple to use, hands-free beverage dispensing
  • Addresses selections of multiple dispense heads, dispense actuation, and topping off the cup
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Worry-free installation. Click the service link, after checkout, to request a quote for installation.
Worry-free installation. Click the service link, after checkout, to request a quote for installation.

Residential Users: Warranty is void if commercial equipment is used for residential or non-commercial use.

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