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1.5 Gal (5.7L) SH Server, Infusion Series

1.5 Gal (5.7L) SH Server, Infusion Series

1.5Gal(5.7L) Modern Soft Heat® Server Infusion Series®

Dimensions: H 14.5" W 9.1" D 13.3"


  • Can utilize programmed recipe/batch-based holding times and temperatures
  • BUNN-exclusive Soft Heat technology automatically docks the server to the brewer (or remote warming station), supplying controlled heat to brewed coffee at ideal holding temperatures while maintaining optimal flavor for longer periods
  • New side-mounted pail-style handle makes transporting more stable for serving, emptying, and cleaning
  • The serving unit alerts staff when freshness has expired or the server is empty
  • New 1.5gal (3.8L) Soft Heat servers are completely modernized and ergonomic, of lighter weight and greater energy efficiency, yet are still constructed of durable stainless steel to withstand the demands of a busy serving environment
  • Integrated sight gauge assembly provides at-a-glance volume level
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Worry-free installation. Click the service link, after checkout, to request a quote for installation.
Worry-free installation. Click the service link, after checkout, to request a quote for installation.

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Residential Users: Warranty is void if commercial equipment is used for residential or non-commercial use.

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