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Black & White BW3-CTMS
Black & White BW3-CTMS
Black & White BW3-CTMS

Black & White BW3-CTMS

Black & White 3 CTMS Automatic Espresso Machine with Steam Wand D

Dimensions: H 30.5" W 30.3" D 23.6"

Simple solution for exceptional espresso beverages from a sleek, compact super-automatic


  • Steam 1L of milk in under one minute
  • Hopper capacity of 3.3lb (1.5kg)
  • Heated stainless steel brew chamber
  • Simple cleaning process with reminder and lockout
  • Rich, creamy espresso based drinks made with fresh, foamed milk -hot or cold- are available at the touch of a button
  • Combo model: Both one- and two-step operation (automatic espresso + steam wand, or automatic espresso and hot/cold steamed/foamed milk preparation)
  • Intellisteam® wand automatically steams to proper milk temperature - no need to monitor with a thermometer
  • Built-in troubleshooting menu
  • Dispense spout adjusts from 3" to 6.8"
  • Integrated milk refrigerator holds up to 5L of milk
  • Heavy duty grinder
  • Handsome polished housing
  • Two hoppers allow for your choice of fresh espresso beans
  • 43500.0013 shown. Contact BUNN for available machine pkgs
  • Easy-to-use touch screen
  • Includes refrigerator with separate power cord, 100V – 120V
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Spec Sheets, Manuals, & Marketing Documents
Spec Sheet
Brewer Type
Cord Attached
Yes/No Plug
Electrical Configuration 1
208 volts 6200 watts 30 amps 1 phase 60 hertz 2 wire
Electrical Configuration 2
208 volts 6200.0 watts 30.0 amps 1.0 phase 60.0 hertz 2.0 wire
Electrical Configuration 3
100-120 volts 78.0 watts 0.7 amps 1.0 phase 60.0 hertz 2.0 wire
Water Access
Min/Max Water Pressure(PSI)
30.0 / 60.0
Water Fitting
3/8" BSPP
Funnel Type
Dispense Type
4" Black Legs
Machine Height
Machine Width
Machine Depth


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