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iMIX-5S+, Hot & Iced
iMIX-5S+, Hot & Iced
iMIX-5S+, Hot & Iced

iMIX-5S+, Hot & Iced

iMIX® Silver Series® Plus Hot & Iced Beverage System with 5 Hoppers

Dimensions: H 32.8" W 19.3" D 24.0"

Sleek, eye-catching powdered beverage dispenser featuring advanced mixing technology delivers exceptional hot drinks


  • Cup clearance at 7.25" (18.4cm) to accommodate popular cup sizes [adjustable to 8.12" (20.6cm)]
  • Spring-loaded, all metal auger drive system for easy hopper installation
  • Capacity: Five 8lb (3.6kg) hoppers
  • High efficiency LED lighted front graphics for merchandising
  • 3 dispense nozzles for hot drinks and 2 for iced cappuccino with split hot/iced cappuccino lighted display
  • Variable speed motors allow control of product consistency in mixing chamber (.75 to 6.6 grams of powder per second)
  • Can be set as push and hold or single size portion control
  • One 3gal (11.35L) and One 2gal (7.57L) hot water tank, with individually controlled thermostats, adjustable from 50U+00B0 to 200U+00B0F, for optimum drink quality for hot and cold products
  • Easily removable side panels for complete access to service components
  • Alphanumeric display allows adjustments and service operational testing from front of machine. Also communicates advertising messages, machine status and technical support contact information
  • Front of machine access to tank drain, dump valves, auger and whipper motors and control board for easy service set up and calibration
  • High speed heavy-duty whipper for complete product mixing
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